Tree Felling & Dismantling

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Southampton, Winchester, Fareham, Wickham and surrounding areas.

Tree felling – dropping a whole tree in one piece in a controlled manner

Sectional Tree dismantling – removing a tree in small sections in a controlled manner

With many years of experience, MJC Tree Surgeon are experts in tree felling & dismantling in Hampshire.

The straight fell of trees is the removal of trees as a single unit. Straight felling will be limited to such situations that pose zero risk of damage to any property or persons whatsoever. Only when all risks have been taken into account, such as telephone and power cables not crossing through and are clear of the tree, the tree has a natural lean towards the felling direction or is standing straight and balanced, at least 5m clearance from buildings or any other structure that may be damaged, then the tree can be felled from ground level.

Sectional Felling Dismantling

In most urban situations the tree which needs to be taken down (felled) is surrounded by obstacles and potential hazards ie buildings, roads, phone lines etc.

Sectional Felling Dismantling of a tree is carried out when the tree cannot be felled in one within the surrounding space. There are many different techniques and you have to be able to adapt techniques to different circumstances, every tree is unique this is where experience and knowledge is essential.

Our team will decide the best plan in which the tree will be dismantled, the climber will make his way to the top to find a suitable anchor point to install his main climbing rope, he will then come down to the lowest branch and start working.

In most situations the use of a rigging kit will be required this is installed on a suitable anchor point and placed in a pulley block to create less friction and wear on the equipment.

When sectional felling (dismantling) the ground staff will be responsible for the lowering of the pieces of tree to the ground slowly and steadily.

We are an eco-friendly company and are committed to reducing our carbon footprint as much as we can. We recycle almost 97% of the materials that we collect. We have a waste carrier licence which helps us in removing materials from the site. We only dispose of the materials that cannot be recycled.

Our services are available for customers in Southampton, Portsmouth, Fareham, Eastleigh, Winchester and other locations in South Hampshire. To find out more about our work, you can get in touch with our dedicated team.

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