Trusted Tree Surgery in Southampton

If you’re looking for a reliable arborists in Southampton to help you with tree felling and other arboricultural work, MJC Tree Surgeons Ltd is the business you can rely on. We adhere to the British Standard (BS3998:2010) completely and only use traditional rope-and-harness techniques and the latest technology to deliver an unbeatable service.

Tree Felling

Our experienced team can provide reliable tree felling in Southampton to a range of domestic and commercial properties. Tree felling involves the complete removal of a whole tree at once. Our tree surgeons will chop down your tree in one piece and ensure that it is disposed of and recycled in the most effective way possible. Once the tree has been chopped down, we will often cut it into smaller pieces to allow for easy transfer off-site.

Tree Dismantling

Tree dismantling involves the removal of an upright tree in small sections. This is one of the most controlled methods of removing a tree from any domestic or commercial property. Tree dismantling is often the method used when nearby space is limited, or there are risks of tree felling causing damage to your property.

Branch Thinning

Using tree thinning, our tree surgery experts will remove lateral branches throughout the crown of the tree. This will thin the entire crown, allowing light and wind to be filtered through the tree. This is an essential service for any property owner who finds their tree has become too thick and obtrusive.

Crown Reductions & Reshaping

Our arborists will work to make your tree smaller and more manageable by reducing the length or number of branches. We will often reduce the top and side branches to create lateral growth points. These growth points can be used to manage the direction and overall growth of your tree’s crown.

Crown Raising

If your tree’s crown is too low, our specialists will raise it. This is down by removing the lower branches of your tree. Once the lower branches are removed, you’ll be left with a clean and clear trunk. Once your crown has been raised, you’ll be able to sit by your tree and read, or simply pass closer by the trunk. Any growth with too low a crown can be irritating and unmanageable.

Tree Crown Cleaning

Thanks to crown cleaning, you’ll be able to improve your tree’s health and appearance. Our team of arborists can remove dead, dying and diseased branches to prevent long-term damage. We’re also able to remove crossing branches which could lead to complications. As part of our crown cleaning in Southampton, we can also remove ivy, birds’ nests and other unwanted components.

Pollarding Services

With our pollarding services, we can remove all branches to leave the main tree stem. Pollarding is used on trees, shrubs and brushes to prevent them from outgrowing their allotted space. Whether you’re looking to reduce the shade cast by a tree or prevent branches and leaves from causing issue with electric wires and streetlights, pollarding is an essential arborist service.

Stump Removal Services

Tree stumps can take many years to naturally decompose. If they aren’t uprooted and removed, they can become permanent fixtures in your domestic or commercial garden space. MJC Tree Surgery can provide industry-leading stump removal services to homes and businesses across South Hampshire.

Site and Garden Clearance

Our arborists can also provide a more general site and garden clearance service. We can remove all trees and vegetation from your home or business premises. We can recycle 97% of all the waste we collect. The remaining 3% waste is disposed of in the eco-friendliest way possible. As we hold a waste removal licence, we can provide complete site and garden clearance across Southampton and the surrounding areas.

Forestry Work

Our tree surgery team can provide industry-leading forestry work to public and private properties. Whether you’re looking for comprehensive woodland management, scrub clearance, tree felling, weed control or even dangerous tree removal, we are here for you. For experienced tree surgery in Southampton, call MJC today.

Hedge Trimming

MJC Tree Surgery can provide industry-leading hedge trimming services to domestic and commercial properties of all kinds. We can provide a reliable annual service to keep your hedges and other natural features in order. Our arborists in Southampton will also provide height reduction and cutting for those hedges which have grown out of control.

Tree Chipping

We can ensure that the trees we removed from your property are chipped and recycled in the most effective way possible. We have access to hard-wearing and reliable wood chippers which can handle all kinds of natural wood and other natural materials. Our arborists can safely dispose of your natural waste in the most environmentally-friendly way possible. The natural waste we dispose of is often repurposed to create mulch and other eco-friendly substances. We are fully committed to keeping our carbon footprint as low as possible and are proud to recycle 97% of all waste we collect or create.

Hedge and Tree Planting Services

Our arborists aren’t just experts at cutting and felling trees. We can also plant a wide range of hedges and trees in the perfect position for your needs. Whether you’re looking to improve your privacy, enhance your garden’s design, or add a little shade to your outdoor space, we are here for you.

Consultancy Works

In addition to practical gardening and arborist works in Southampton and the surrounding areas, we can also provide specialist consultancy works. Our experienced team can act as specialist consultants on any kind of arborist situation, including producing reports and evaluations.

Preservation Order (TPO) Applications & Appeals

MJC’s tree surgery specialists can provide specialist tree preservation orders, including applications and appeals. Whether you want to fully protect a tree on your property, or appeal against a previous preservation order, we are here for you. We can help you to make applications with complete reports, or even appeal against existing TPO applications.

Tree Reports and Surveys

Our arborist team can provide comprehensive tree reports and surveys to all kinds of properties. We can report on the health of individual and groups of trees. If you’re looking for a comprehensive tree report or surveys for any reason, we are here for you. We will help you to get the documents you need to prove the health, size, age or any other feature of your tree.

Mortgage Reports

One of the most common kinds of tree report that we are asked to provide is a mortgage report. Many banks and mortgage companies require reports on the health and position of trees on any property they are considering the provide a mortgage for. Trees can lead to serious issues with a range of commercial and domestic properties. As such, MJC can provide mortgage reports on the states of all kinds of trees.

Tree Hazard Evaluations

Our arborist team can also carry out tree hazard evaluations. We can identify any issues which might cause a hazard either to your own health or the health of your property. Issues such as falling branches, proximity to guttering systems and more can all cause serious problems across your home or business. MJC’s specialist team will identify all kinds of tree hazards and provide a complete report.

Local Tree Surgery in Southampton You Can Trust

Based in Southampton, our experienced arborists have served countless domestic and commercial customers. All our services come with full and comprehensive insurance. Over the years, we’ve been proud to work on a wide range of domestic and commercial properties. Our South Hampsire arborists can offer a comprehensive service to all our customers and neighbours in and around the local area.

If you’re looking for a Southampton-based team of experienced arborists, get in touch today. You can reach our specialist team directly by calling us on 02380 308663. If you prefer, you can also send any questions or concerns through our simple online contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

MJC’s Tree Surgery team are full covered and will always deliver a safe, reliable service. We are covered by:

  • Public Liability Insurance Up To £10 Million.

  • Employers’ Liability Up To £10 Million.

  • Professional Indemnity Insurance Up To £5 Million.

For a fully-covered and comprehensive arboriculture service in Southampton and the surrounding areas, get in touch with MJC’s experienced and fully-qualified team today!

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